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Grails & Hudson / Jenkins Part 5: Monitoring build status

There are a number of ways you can monitor the progress of your Grails build: using the Hudson / Jenkins web app; or leveraging the API: from your IDE, bespoke API clients or even your enterprise monitoring client. We’ll look at all of them here and build a simple Grails taglib to display build status in the ‘Application Status’ panel.
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JNRPE & check_jmx on 64-bit JVMs

The JNRPE server provides an open source Java implementation of the Nagios Remote Plugin Executor (NRPE).
This is much more efficient for performing JMX checks than regular NRPE as you only need to start one JVM rather than a JVM instantiation per check (as performed by check_jmx invoking java -jar JMXQuery.jar).
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