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Grails & Hudson / Jenkins Part 6: Sonar

Sonar is an open source code quality management tool – this requested addition to the Grails & Hudson / Jenkins series gives a quick run through of how to set up Sonar to analyse Grails code from a Jenkins job.

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Grails & Hudson / Jenkins Part 5: Monitoring build status

There are a number of ways you can monitor the progress of your Grails build: using the Hudson / Jenkins web app; or leveraging the API: from your IDE, bespoke API clients or even your enterprise monitoring client. We’ll look at all of them here and build a simple Grails taglib to display build status in the ‘Application Status’ panel.
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Grails & Hudson Part 4: Automated Deployment

This is a quick post to describe the steps involved with getting Hudson to deploy a Grails application to a remote Tomcat server.
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Grails & Hudson talk at London GGUG

I’ll be presenting Grails & Hudson at the October meet-up of the London Groovy & Grails User Group. The proposal for this talk actually inspired the Grails & Hudson series on this blog – so come along as you may get a sneak preview of some of the content for upcoming posts in the series!

More details here on meetup.com.

The event is kindly hosted by SkillsMatter.

Update: new registration link for the event with SkillsMatter: http://skillsmatter.com/event/java-jee/advanced-grails-ci-testing-stats-deployment-with-hudson/rl-390

Update: If you missed it you can see the podcast.

Grails & Hudson Part 3: Testing

Since Grails incorporated the testing plugin into core it provides good unit & integration testing support (via the test-app script). There are also additional plugins to support BDD tools (e.g. EasyB) and functional testing (e.g. Canoo WebTest).
One of the useful roles that Hudson fulfils is helping to manage quality. Consequently it has plugins available for most of the popular testing tools (we saw an example of the Violations plugin in part 1 of this series).
We’ll start with the standard unit & integration tests, then add in test coverage and functional tests.
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Hudson quick tips: Build time trend

Hudson tells you how long your build has taken and, being Hudson, helpfully tracks this information in a trend graph.

This is accessible from the “(trend)” link on the Build history panel for a job or by clicking on the time from a specific build.
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Grails & Hudson Part 2: Back to basics

Ok, so you’ve decided that you want to use Hudson to build your Grails projects (or have read part 1 and want to use CodeNarc too).
If you don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place.

The basic steps (and we’ll go into more detail on each one) are:
1. Download Hudson
2. Run Hudson
3. Download Hudson plugins
4. Configure Hudson
5. Create a Hudson job
6. Watch the trends
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