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Emerging trends for 2017

In this short post I present my thoughts on trends that are likely to be important considerations for enterprises in 2017. A few years ago everyone was talking about ‘SMAC’, which stood for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud. So not to be outdone, I’ve punnily organised the trends as VICTIM:

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Apache Pig tips (swill?)

Apache Pig is designed to handle analysis of large data sets using a high-level language (Pig Latin) that allows for parallelisation. Pig Latin compiles to sequences of Map-Reduce programs that can be executed on Hadoop.

This post pulls together an archive of some Apache Pig tips tweeted as “Apache #Pig tip of the day”.
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Updating the Grails Solr Plugin

A few months back I was working on a Grails & Solr project – so it was a prime opportunity to answer my call to action (see the Solr plugin section of ‘Using Lucene in Grails’) and upgrade the Solr plugin to 3.5.0.
This was done in two phases, the first was to update the SolrJ client as required by the project and then once the project was completed to update the bundled Solr server with the aim of contributing the update back.

TLDR: Grails Solr Plugin using 3.5.0 3.6.0 available from pending

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Lucene EuroCon Day 1 – Opening keynote speech

Grant Ingersoll started the conference with a keynote on search + big data “it’s still all about the user“. A refreshing talk on keeping the end users needs, both internal and external, in mind rather than fixating on specific technologies / technical band wagons.

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