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Breaking the monolith

I’m lifting the lid on my latest pet project which is set to revolutionise the ECM world. The codename is mu-fresco as it puts Alfresco into a Hadron collider with microservices.

This came about as I didn’t have access to 448 cores of JVM Azul goodness. The pretotype used 20 over-clocked Raspberry Pi units and an old HP Superdome picked up from eBay (I needed something beefy for the database and it was cheaper than RDS). After a bit of light surgery with a sharp scalpel, aka Spring Remoting with Hessian, it was time to awaken Frankenstein’s monster. The results are very promising though there are still a few kinks to be ironed out, with the Solr 1.4 index being one and the shared database schema between microservices being a glaring architectural impurity.

As for the next iteration, well “I’ve decided to take my work back underground to stop it falling into the wrong hands”.


Agile & Lean books on DZone

DZone has published a Top 10 Agile & Lean Development books list this week after polling their review team (disclaimer: I’m a member).

My top recommendation was for the Poppendiecks‘ “Leading Lean Software Development: Results Are Not the Point” – I’d have written a bit more if I’d have known Mitch was going to quote me!