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Monitoring Grails Apps part 2 – data collection

Congratulations you’ve got your new Grails site live – now you just need to make sure it keeps running!

We’ve already seen how to expose custom data for a Grails application via JMX – but with this post we’ll focus on the data items that we might want to collect and monitor.
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Monitoring Grails Apps part 1 – Custom JMX MBeans

This article gives an introduction to using custom JMX MBeans within Grails.

JMX (Java Management eXtension) was an early JSR specification (JSR-3) and the first final release was in 2000 with subsequent maintenance releases in 2002 & 2006. Additional capabilities such as remoting support (JMX-RMI) were added through subsequent JSRs.

The JMX spec in essence allows you to check values of attributes on an MBean (Management Bean), set attribute values, invoke methods (e.g. shutdown) and it also caters for notifications. For this article we’ll focus on the first of those.
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Quick tip: Tomcat user realm digested passwords

Most Tomcat packages include a script ($TOMCAT_HOME/bin/ or .bat for Windows) that can be used to create a one-way digest of a password. I use this, in conjunction with file permissions, to protect the Tomcat manager password in $TOMCAT_HOME/conf/tomcat-users.xml from prying eyes.

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