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Relevancy Driven Development with Solr

The relevancy of search engine results is very subjective so therefore testing the relevancy of queries is also subjective.
One technique that exists in the information retrieval field is the use of judgement lists; an alternative approach discussed here is to follow the Behaviour Driven Development methodology employing user story acceptance criteria – I’ve been calling this Relevancy Driven Development or RDD for short.

I’d like to thank Eric Pugh for a great discussion on search engine testing and for giving me a guest slot in his ‘Better Search Engine Testing‘ talk* at Lucene EuroCon Barcelona 2011 last week to mention RDD. The first iteration of Solr-RDD combines my passion for automated testing with my passion for Groovy by leveraging EasyB (a Groovy BDD testing framework).

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Lucene EuroCon Day 1 – Opening keynote speech

Grant Ingersoll started the conference with a keynote on search + big data “it’s still all about the user“. A refreshing talk on keeping the end users needs, both internal and external, in mind rather than fixating on specific technologies / technical band wagons.

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Grails + LoopFuse = Gloopfuse

LoopFuse OneView is a marketing automation platform for your online business – it essentially allows you to recognise hot leads by monitoring the behaviour of your site visitors. LoopFuse recently launched a free low-end offering called FreeView.

Gloopfuse is a taglib I wrote for Grails to allow easy integration of LoopFuse page tracking with Grails applications.

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