The Chemistry of enterprise content & Grails

Arguably the most important event for content management in 2010 was the ratification of CMIS 1.0 in May and yesterday the ASF announced that Apache Chemistry has become a top-level project.
Content Management Interoperability Services is an open standard to enable greater interoperability of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems and OpenCMIS, part of the Apache Chemistry project, provides a Java client implementation.

I’ve written an introductory article on using OpenCMIS with Grails for accessing enterprise content due for publication in the March 2011 edition of GroovyMag.

In the meantime, if you just can’t wait to get started with Grails & CMIS – check out chapter 14 in Alfresco 3 Business Solutions written by my colleague Martin Bergljung. The code is based on an in-house Grails CMIS plugin I built using Commons HTTP Client library and the Groovy XmlSlurper at the start of 2010. This was used across several customer applications including the mobile site originally codenamed ‘SeaMist’.


7 responses to “The Chemistry of enterprise content & Grails

  1. This sounds interesting! Will this code be public? I wonder if you have thought about some resuable UI components (GSP tag library for example). This would be tremendously useful, for example show/edit properties of a type.

  2. Interesting article – the one thing where I don’t agree is that JCR is a failure. IMHO it works very well and it’s a much better solution than storing content in relational databases.

  3. I bought the March issue of GroovyMag specifically to read your article and build the sample app. Nice job, but I’ve run into errors that appear to be caused by an incomplete ContentService class. In the article you state “…the full source code including the rest of the ContentService (and the format of the parameters) has been supplied” but it has not…all I got was the snippet in Listing 7. Can you provide the missing pieces? Thanks!

  4. Thanks, Robin. The app works now with a completed ContentService class.

    Much appreciated,

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