Grails + LoopFuse = Gloopfuse

LoopFuse OneView is a marketing automation platform for your online business – it essentially allows you to recognise hot leads by monitoring the behaviour of your site visitors. LoopFuse recently launched a free low-end offering called FreeView.

Gloopfuse is a taglib I wrote for Grails to allow easy integration of LoopFuse page tracking with Grails applications.

You would typically include the tag in your main layout (/grails-app/views/layouts/main.gsp):

<g:layoutBody />

Depending on the version of Grails you may need to use the g: namespace instead.

There are two configuration settings:

loopfuse.tracking.enabled = true
loopfuse.tracking.cid = "your_code_here"

Note that the cid will be prefixed by LF_ so don’t include that.

Get the code from


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